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Shubman Gill is the least liked player on Twitter

Shubman Gill leaving the field in a test match for India.
Shubman Gill had a disappointing showing in the Test Cricket World Championship Final against Australia. Scoring 18 and 13 runs respectively in India’s 1st and 2nd Innings Gill got a lot of stick on Twitter by fans. Copyright: xCraigxThomas/NewsxImagesx

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, social media platforms have become the hub of real-time conversations, public opinions, and trends. Among the countless voices resonating on these platforms, Twitter has emerged as a significant barometer of public sentiment, with users expressing their thoughts.

Twitter sentiment analysis is a powerful tool that allows us to gauge public sentiment toward specific individuals. By harnessing the vast amount of data generated on the platform, we have gained insights into how individuals are perceived and how public opinion varies

Shubman Gill, the young batting sensation, and Virat Kohli, the dynamic Indian cricket team captain, both enjoy a considerable presence on Twitter. Their performances on the field often spark intense discussions and generate widespread reactions on social media.

Shubman Gill receives the least positive engagement on Twitter

Indian Test Cricketers Twitter Engagement Infographic showing the percentage of positive tweets targeted for selected players. Shubman Gill shows having the fewest positive tweets targeted towards him in a period during the Test Championship Final against Australia

Shubman Gill’s recent performance against Australia seemed to have had an impact on the sentiment surrounding him, leading to him receiving the least positive engagement among Indian cricket players on Twitter. 

Out of the 47,437 tweets analysed, only 22% could be classified as positive, which must be disappointing for one of the most prominent cricket players globally.

Our team meticulously scraped a substantial number of tweets mentioning Shubman Gill to gain insights into the public sentiment. The majority of these tweets exhibited a neutral tone, which was consistent across all players analysed. However, when it comes to receiving positive feedback, Gill seemed to lag behind his counterparts.

Virat Kohli receives a bit more love on Twitter

Despite Virat Kohli’s immense popularity as a prominent figure in India’s cricket team, it may come as a surprise that he didn’t receive the highest level of positive engagement on Twitter. 

In fact, he ranks fifth on the list, with approximately 31.5% of tweets targeting the cricket star classified as positive.


Our comprehensive analysis focused on India’s Playing XI in the game against Australia, where we conducted a meticulous examination of the top tweets mentioning each player’s name. 

By employing advanced data scraping techniques, we collected a vast amount of tweets to gain insights into the sentiment surrounding these players. Leveraging our API, we classified these tweets into three categories: positive, negative, and neutral.
All our collected data can be found here, if you want to dig deeper into what kind of response all the players got on Twitter.

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